I've just created a PR [1] with the fist version of DC/OS (tested
v1.11.0) for Myriad development/deployment at DC/OS.

The cluster created by default is something like that:

$ vagrant status
Current machine states:

bt                         running (libvirt)
m1                       running (libvirt)
a1                        running (libvirt)
a2                        running (libvirt)
a3                        running (libvirt)
a4                        running (libvirt)
p1                        running (libvirt)

The bootstrap machine (with DC/OS CLI installed). One master node, 4
private agents, and one public.

I haven't tested Myraid yet, because we have different options for it:

- Deploy HDFS as a system service.
- Deploy HDFS using Mesosphere Universe (we have to tune this one, the
requirements don't fit in this small Vagrant cluster).
- Deploy Myriad by means of Marathon and Docker.

We have to test different options for this deployment. One interesting
idea would be create a Myriad Universe with packages for HDFS tuned
for this Vagrant, with upstream Apache Hadoop, and packages for
Myriad. This could be a good point for demos.

[1] https://github.com/apache/incubator-myriad/pull/108
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