Hi, folks,

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For ApacheCon North America 2019, we asked projects to participate in
the creation of project/topic specific tracks. This was very successful,
with about 15 projects stepping up to curate the content for their

We need to know if you're going to do the same for 2020. This informs
how large a venue we book for the event, how long the event runs, and
many other considerations.

If you intend to participate again in 2020, we need to hear from you on
the plann...@apachecon.com mailing list. This is not a firm commitment,
but we need to know if you're, say, 75% confident that you'll be

And, no, we do not have any details at all, but assume that it will be
in roughly the same calendar space as this year's event, ie, somewhere
in the August-October timeframe.


Rich Bowen
VP Conferences
The Apache Software Foundation

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