Second annual Serbian community meeting
Serbia, Kragujevac, May 16, 2009

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The second annual Serbian community meeting, organized by
Free Software Network Serbia and with a support of Faculty of
Mathematics in Belgrade took place on Saturday May 16 in the city of
Kragujevac with a presence of more than 30 developers, translators and
friends of project in Serbia.

Summarizing achieved results of localization project it was emphasized
that the brand new localized release 3.1 is following a path of success
and possibly is the best localized office suite on the market available.
The roadmap was presented for updating and translating Croatian
guidebooks for released by NGO HrOpen while the effort to
translate online help content will continue. 

Speaking at the meeting, Goran Rakic, Serbian native-lang project lead,
gave encouragement to local IT system integrators for developing new
solutions based on and called them to help community
expand market share in Serbia. Everybody agreed that more
solutions based on software libre are needed both to fulfill demands of
existing customers and to create new export oriented value for Serbian
IT industry which can not be based exclusively on reselling existing
closed solutions.

The results of User Satisfaction Program were analyzed. Igor Nestorovic,
Serbian native-lang project co-lead, put forward an hypothesis about
strong prejudice among the Serbian business holders that only small and
troubled companies are using free and open source solutions while
successful ones are using proprietary software. This lead to unwillingly
cooperation from existing users during User Survey and Case Studies
Building as they would like to hide what software they are using.

As it was announced earlier, marketing project was separated from
localization project and Maja Markovic was appointed as marketing
project lead. Marketing project hopes to reunite past contributors and
those interested in project success but with no time available to help
localization and build upon their experience, connections in IT industry
and fresh new ideas for promoting in Serbia.

Once more having a great time together, Serbian community
made a call to everybody interested to join the community, contribute to
the project and help achieve even greater development of
this lively software libre project.

Goran Rakic
native-lang project lead

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