Hi Charles, *

as I can't attend OOoCon this year, I just want to add a subtopic to the agenda. I think it is much easier to talk about (and show) design from face to face instead of just by mails.

Charles-H. Schulz schrieb:
Hello everyone,

Based on everyone's feedback here's the agenda for our meeting on
- better processes for logos and icons design and selection

Here I want to add the idea of a consistent branding - the entire look-and-feel of OpenOffice.org should follow some rules IMHO.

In my eyes every main page of an OOo project should be recognized as a similar webpage to the other project's main pages. While content may vary (depending on the project's purposes and scope), general design should be the same - and at least for the NLC projects it should contain an area for project specific information with it's own design.

Perhaps you could reach someone with new information on the possibility to add the project's ISO codes to the logo - Tiki Dare's reply "I am working to move this forward." is already one month ago...

Best regards and have fun at Budapest!


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