Dear leads, co-leads, and members of the Native-Language Confederation

It is with great emotion that I am resigning from my role as lead of
the Native-Language Confederation of This resignation
is immediate. It has been a pleasure, a lifetime experience, a honour,
to work with all of you for 10 years. When we started, we were around 3
to 4 projects. We are now over a hundred communities, reaching
worldwide a hundred million of users. This has been the achievement of
the community, it has been our achievement, and let no
one take this away from you. I look forward working with all or most of
you again in The Document Foundation, and am considering the future
with optimism. Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you
here, in the community, who made all this possible, and
even gave me a chance to become someone better. You can be proud of you.

Cheers up!

Charles-H. Schulz. 

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