As many of you know, we are working hard and fast on 3.3. The 
RC—RC4—is out. And it looks, as far as I can tell, quite good. This means that 
the final release is Real Soon Now (RSN).

We, Peter and I, have started a press release on the private marketing list 
pr@, which is open only to registered marketing project members. (That's quite 
a lot, btw.) The MarCons—the marketing contacts around the world—are poised to 
translate it and to issue it locally. And to promote it. I may have written 
once that OOo has sold itself, but what I meant was that we—you—the 
community—all of us—need to be engaged and acting together to "sell" and 
promote it. A diamond in the rough is not valuable until it is polished and 
finds itself reflected in the desiring eye's shine.

We, you, the community, make this diamond shine.

What we need from you then is to help us with getting the word out. They 
synchronization is less important than ensuring the basic documents are there 
and accurate.  What I'm working with is the features list of 3.3 [0], the old 
press kit [1], the equally old case for [2]—and other material 
you might want to suggest. For instance, if you have a personal story you want 
to recount, especially from a business or education or enterprise perspective, 
feel free to send it to this list! or if you want to work on a short case study 
illustrating the Why and How of OOo—please! go ahead!

And if someone wants to help coordinate these activities—again, we need your 
help. I'm asking :-)

Peter is nearly healed, and that is great, but we need more than just his hands 
:-) We need yours. 

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