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On Tuesday, 2010-11-23 14:39:52 +0100, Stefan Taxhet wrote:

> de/www/doc/howto_2_0/draw/pics/in_3D_Rotationsk\303\266rper.png,v
> ro/www/imagini/openoffice\ \303\256n\ rom\303\242n\304\203.png,v
> ro/www/scripturi/desc\304\203rcare.js,v
> ro/www/stiluri/excep\310\233ii.css,v
> ro/www/descarc\304\203_ro.html,v
> pt/www/about/Software_Livre_no_Setor_Público_Pref_de_Cachoeiro_de_Itapemirim.odp,v

Check your display encoding ;-) these are valid UTF-8.

Whether the octal sequence \310\233 really intends 'ț' instead of 't'
a Romanian speaker could tell.

These are bad:

> fr/www/Documentation/Gallery/Divers/\351lectronique.zip,v
> fr/www/Documentation/Gallery/Maison/ma\347onnerie.zip,v
> fr/www/Documentation/Gallery/fl\350ches
> fr/www/Documentation/Gallery/fl\350ches/fl\350ches.zip,v
> fr/www/Documentation/Gallery/fl\350ches3D
> fr/www/Documentation/Gallery/fl\350ches3D/fl\350ches3D.zip,v
> fr/www/Documentation/Guides/fr_FR.aff.document\351,v
> fr/www/Documentation/How-to/Math/Abr\351g\351Maths1.sxw,v
> fr/www/Documentation/How-to/Math/Abr\351g\351maths2.sxd,v
> fr/www/Documentation/Mod\350les
> fr/www/Marketing/Listes/collectivit\351s.htm,v

Not sure about this one:

> vi/www/dịch_ooo.html

The encoding is technically ok, but the resulting characters may as well
be UTF-8 again and encode a U+0323 COMBINING DOT BELOW, which I think is
more likely.


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