Let me broaden the address list a bit and give a quick update on the preparations for the move of our main site to a new infrastructure.

More detailed information is available at

Some more test runs finished and you are invited to play with the staging environment at
The easiest way to make yourself familiar with the new framework is
trying out things there you do on the site now. It would be helpful to hear about your feedback in the next 2 weeks before we come closer to the final migration.

The test runs take 4-5 days. So we expect to be in read-only mode for about a week while data is moved from one site to the other. Note that services not hosted on the main site (like mercurial, wiki, user forums, ...) will not be affected. I'm looking forward to a more detailed schedule for the migration. In the meantime join us at


On 06.12.2010 15:27, Stefan Taxhet wrote:

Earlier you heard that the OpenOffice.org main site will move to a new
framework named Kenai
In the meantime netbeans.org and many java.net projects went this route
and helped to pave the path for us.

For more information on how a Kenai-based site works and about the data
migration from the OOo site please visit

You'll read that a staging site we can play with is now available at

In most areas the data migration scripts do already a good job so that
users with roles, projects with their lists/webcontent/downloads and the
majority of issue tracking information can be investigated.

The mailing list to synchronize the migration effort and raise questions is
discuss at ooo-migration.kenai.com

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