sanha opened a new pull request #5: [NEMO-27] Element Wise Block Write
   JIRA: [NEMO-27: Element Wise Block 
   **Major changes:**
   - Changed interface of `Partitioner` to accept data element (instead of 
`Iterable`) and return it's key.
   - Made `OutputWriter` write data to `BlockStore` element-by-element.
       - When a writer start to write data (element-wisely) to a `Block`, 
`Block` manages `Partition` according to the writing process. If an element 
with key which appears first time, the `Block` create a `Partition` having 
corresponding key. If else, the element will be accumulated to existing 
       - When the writer finish the writing process and declare that the 
`Block` is committed, the `Block` commit all `Partition`s and prohibit any 
further write. 
       - The previous partition-level writing method also will be used for 
inter-`BlockStore` data movement. (For example, when we spill data from 
`SerializedMemoryStore` to `LocalFileStore`, we have to be able to fetch and 
write data in units of `Partition` to avoid extra (de)serialization.)
   **Minor changes to note:**
   - Adapted `DataSkewRuntimePass` and it's metric collecting process for the 
       - The sizes of `Partition`s in a `Block` will be collected when the 
`Block` is committed, but not each `Partition` is written.
       - The type of partition size metric is changed from `Long` to 
`Pair<Integer, Long>`.
           - Before this pr, all partitions in `HashRange` were created by 
`Partitioner` even if the `Partition` is empty. Because of this, `List<Long>` 
was enough to represent the integer key and size of each `Partition`.
           - However, after this pr, only `Partition`s with actual data will be 
created, so the metric have to contain the key of each `Partition`.
   - Changed the output files created during ITCases to be deleted even if the 
test fails.
   **Tests for the changes:**
   - Changed interface of `Partitioner`
       - `DataTransferTest` and all ITCases cover the change.
   - Element-wise write to `BlockStore`
       - Refactored `BlockStoreTest` to cover this change.
   - Modified `DataSkewRuntimePass`
      - `DataSkewRuntimePassTest` and `MapReduceITCase#testDataSkew` cover this 
   **Other comments:**
   - At now, [Intra-Stage 
pipelining]( cannot 
fully exploit it's advantage because all output data produced by a `TaskGroup` 
have to be collected in `OutputWriter` until the `TaskGroup` is completed. If 
we support this element-wise write to `BlockStore`, these data can be 
serialized early, and it can reduce memory pressure.

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