Hello Nemo PPMC.

Many apologies for another vote.
I planned to close the last vote and publish rc2 today, but two pull
requests are accidentally merged before a few hours.
Because of this, our master branch diverged from the commit hash of rc2.
Furthermore, the master branch cannot be reverted.

So I just packed a new release candidate rebased from the current master.

Our vote "should" be last at least 72 hours, but I'm going out of town for
a month from Feb 13th.
Therefore, inevitably, I'll retain this vote for about 24 hours. (Of
course, it will not just pass without your approvals.)

+ Nemo-ers, please do not merge any other PRs before the release.

Please refer to the information below to vote on this release, and vote:

[ ] +1 Release this package as Apache Nemo (incubating) 0.2.0
[ ] 0 I don't feel strongly about it, but the release seems okay.
[ ] -1 Please do not release this package because...

1. Source release files:

2. The release tag:

3. The release hash:

5. The KEYS file:


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