Open letter to all Linux and WebKit2 fans and HTML/Java (future) supporters.

The donation of new presenters by DukeHoff has been integrated into
HTML/Java API version 1.7 - [the javadoc]( has been kindly generated by Eric.

One of the new presenters is [webkit presenter](
that is supposed to display using native WebKit component on Linux and Mac
OS X. While testing it I have found out that it works on Ubuntu 18.10 (with
`libwebkit` installed), but there is no such library on 19.10! It has been
made obsolete by `libwebkit2`.

Dear supporters, don't you want to rewrite the current `WebKit` binding to
`WebKit2`? As far as I can tell the interface talking to `libwebkit` is
defined at
- one would have to replace those seven methods by a new interface
`WebKit2` which would delegate to

I can probably study the code and learn the tricks myself, but I'd be glad
to get some community help now, when the code belongs to us at Apache.

PS: Whoever would write a Windows presenter, would be another hero! Then we
would have a complete portability story which doesn't involve dependency on

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