On Apache side nothing can be done. Maybe Oracle can upload them on central 
(maybe they need to sign artefacts). We cannot use Apache infra to do that.
org.netbeans  groupid is "owned" by Apache for Release90 and upwards. Maybe an 
agreement can be found with sonatype (manager of maven central) to allow this 
upload in the groupid.
We put a "disclamer" https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/netbeans/README.

Best Regards
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De : Jean-Marc Borer <jmbo...@gmail.com> 
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Objet : [maven] What about the hosting of RELEASE82 artifacts?

Hi there,

When you want to create plugins compatible to older NB based applications such 
as VisualVM 1.4.x with Maven, you have dependencies to older Maven artifacts 
such as RELEASE82. Sure it may evolve in the future, but currently the latest 
version of VisualVM is still bound to NB 8.2.

NB 8.2 belongs to Oracle and the artifacts are still hosted at 
bits.netbeans.org and can't be hosted at Apache. As I understood, this repo is 
going to be shut down eventually (soon?).

Now the question that remains is: will those older artifacts be hosted on the 
long term and where?



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