Actually, using seems more logical in a way.

These are modules for *all* NetBeans *users*.

Maven Central really serves a (much smaller) subset of NetBeans users.


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 On 29 January 2018 10:41 AM, Jaroslav Tulach <> wrote:

>2018-01-28 12:31 GMT+01:00 Antonio
>>Hi all,
>>So we uploaded the platform 9.0-alpha binaries to
>> [1]
>>As a consequence the artifacts are now available through the Apache mirror
>> network.
>>The URL to download these artifacts can be constructed using the
>> script, setting the
>> parameters "action=download" and "filename=..." as in [2].
>>This "mirrors.cgi" script automatically selects the user's closest Apache
>> mirror to download from. That's handy.
>>Would it be possible to generate our update center xml & nbms and upload
>> that to along with the binary and source
>> artifacts?
>>That way we could use the same "mirrors.cgi" script as an Update Center
>> url, and users would benefit from the Apache mirror network to download
>> stuff more easily.
>>Would that be a viable solution for NetBeans-330 "NetBeans 9.0 UC hosted
>> on Apache infra" [3]?
> Yes, NBMs shall be hosted on Apache infra. Rather than having them on
>, my preferred solution would be to upload each NetBeans
> module (together with its JAR and NBM) to Maven repository. There already
> is a script that can do it (see, so it may
> be just a matter of setting things up...
> -jt

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