On Fri, 2 Feb 2018 at 22:03 Emilian Bold <emilian.b...@protonmail.ch> wrote:

> I believe OpenSUSE could get a bug report that just says 'Apache NetBeans
> cannot be built with your custom Ant'.
Yes, you are entirely right. But the temptation for them will be to ignore
it and/or blame the NetBeans build scripts for the problem.

I have made some progress. I've narrowed it down to the xjc tool in JAXB
(specifically their use of com.sun.istack.tools.ProtectedTask to mess
around with classloaders) and can produce an error using a build.xml with
only two tasks in it. I thought the version of JAXB (2.2.5, pretty old)
bundled with NB might be the issue, unfortunately the latest release has a
bug which prevents its use (already reported on GitHub). Argh! Anyway, I
tried to rebuild Fedora's ant using their source RPM and, guess what, no
error. Argh 2! However, this is an itch I have to scratch and I will get
there in the end...

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