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> Yes, you’re right and that info needs to be updated. Bear in mind we only
> published the new site yesterday, so some info on the Wiki is going to be
> out  of date. Since you managed to get everything to work, it would be
> great if you could update those outdated instructions with the correct
> info.

So people are aware, I've updated the wiki page again with the current
manual process for getting updates on to the live website, as and until we
have an automated build on commit.


You don't have to follow my instructions to the letter - I just find the
two clones approach easiest to handle at the moment.  The important thing
is where the output of the build command gets put, and the need for two PRs
- let's keep the branches in sync!

Also note the requirement for --rerun-tasks - sass build task needs fixing
as previously discussed.

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