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> IMO, if we wanted to do this and be future-proof, the thing to do would be
> to convert the icons to SVG or some similar vector format and update the
> icon loading code in ImageUtilities to use it.

While I mostly agree with you, the last time this came up, Emi, myself and
others were also talking about the possibility of icon fonts, which have
the benefit of not requiring any additional libraries for usage.

Still, IMO we also need to reconsider our whole approach to icons, loading,
etc.  I opened issue #427 about providing the ability to plug in to the
branding of text (mainly to address various RCP issues people have).  I was
planning a companion issue to suggest similar ability to plug in to the
icon loading mechanism.  The problem of modularization is that we sometimes
make it more difficult to make global overrides (eg. icon sets, or message
formatters) or share resources, and with regard to icons presume an image
file exists at all (not the case with fonts!).

It would be great if we could come up with an icon strategy that used
logical icon ID's rather than file names (eg. like FreeDesktop / Gnome icon
naming spec), with modules providing a fallback image for the ID?

#427 - https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NETBEANS-427
Gnome icon naming spec - https://developer.gnome.org/icon-naming-spec/#names

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