Update: The problem is possibly caused by "compile on save", so there's hope. 
Sorry for bothering you with this many messages, but I'd love to show NetBeans 
at the conference. 😊 


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Hi all, 


is there a platform where the NB JShell Integration works? With RC3 on Windows, 
I can use JSHell, but the JSHell with project classpath fails (probably due to 
backslashes in path), and after creating a run configuration with JSHell 
enabled I cannot run any ant based project anymore. With Maven the project 
fails when JShell is enabled in run configuration, but at least it recovers 
after I  deactivate JSHell support.
The same thing happened before on my Mac (and was originally the reason I took 
my windows machine with me, since the application was running there


Can someone confirm that Linux version is working or point me to a version 
where JSHell project integration is actually working? In that case I could run 
it in VirtualBox to show.


I'll report these issues on the issue tracker later this week and try to help 
fix them, but for now I'll just try to find a way to make it work.







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