I totally agree with your, but as we discussed some glitches in other threads, 
you already know my pain. To create stable, usable UIs with HTML inside Java, 
with the Rendering Browser from the JDK or from wherever, there Need some 
bigger improvements to get everyone involved.

But what happens with HTML4J? I thought this lib will also use JavaFX browser, 
or am I wrong?

Sure, for me, as a frontend dev, there is nothing better than creating UIs with 
HTML and use them everywhere, like in the Electron Framework.



Von: Jaroslav Tulach
Gesendet: Montag, 12. März 2018 17:00
An: Apache NetBeans
Betreff: Apache HTML/Java UI instead of ... Oracle will remove JavaFX 
fromOracle JDK

> "Oracle has begun conversations with interested parties in the Java

> ecosystem on the stewardship of JavaFX, Swing and AWT beyond the above
>>>> referenced timeframes."
The official announcement is here and people are finally starting to
realize the truth: There is no future for JavaFX, AWT and Swing. Nobody
will sponsor development of anything new for these technologies. Even if
they get transfered to their new owners, they will be in maintenance mode:
Bugfixes and little features. No bigger changes - no new rendering
pipelines using new nifty features of graphics cards. Just sustaining. I've
been explaining this would happen since 2012.

To help us out of this situation and save Java as a programming language I
dedicated my days to smoothing out interoperability between Java and
JavaScript with the goal to reuse the most flexible and portable rendering
system of these days: the browser. My work has already been donated to
Apache, see: https://github.com/apache/incubator-netbeans-html4j - let's
use it to build new features of NetBeans and other future Java desktop
applications. Get started by reading Javadoc at

Forget about AWT, Swing and JavaFX - the future is HTML. In case you still
care about Java, then your future should be Apache HTML/Java API!

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