Scott, you are writing what my heart also was telling me. Still, it never occurred to me to look at anything which had he letters "HTML" in their api's as I always link this to "web" and my app is super heavy non-web-desktop-app-monster-size-local-file-reading-not-usually-associated-to-browser thingy. Though the "What is the HTML/Java project goal? To be a portable abstraction over such pipeline!" is exciting and I now know that this is/could be the way forward. Thank for the good discussion - lots of the comments were an eye-opener to me as I live in my little desktop Swing/AWT/JavaFX world.


On 3/13/2018 10:06 AM, Scott Palmer wrote:
Sometimes I think the world has gone crazy.

Here are a few simple observations:
  - JavaFX is the best UI tech that Java has going for it these days.
  - Swing/AWT has been heading towards obsolescence for several years now. It 
works, but the future of desktop UI with Java is JavaFX.
  - HTML is a HORRIBLE way to render an application.  It works very poorly, if 
at all, and not consistently across browsers. (Look what people have to go 
through to try to get something as simple as a table with scrolling data and 
static column headers, for example.)
  - Javascript is junk.  The interesting thing about stuff like Electron is 
that they managed to get it to work at all.  We give it extra credit simply 
because it was done with technologies that make it so much harder to do. (It 
also tends to be slow IMO.) That’s cute and all, but ultimately wasted time.  
It would be that much better and cheaper to develop if done with better tech 
like Java/JavaFX.
- The popularity of Web UIs has done a disservice to the development community. 
 They have lowered the bar so far that we accept the utter rubbish and awful 
user experience of most web apps as ‘normal’.  We have a generation of 
developers that don’t even understand why Javascript is garbage or how crippled 
applications are that run in a browser. Have you noticed when you see an 
interesting web app that you are more impressed because it is a web app?  If it 
were a desktop app you wouldn’t give it a second thought.
- I don’t know why anyone would want to bring HTML UI into a Java application 
(when they don’t have to) as it is such a massive step backwards.

So stopping running around like the sky is falling.  Swing/AWT, JavaFX aren’t 
going to disappear.  Oracle wasn’t doing anything significant with Swing.  If 
they stop, we aren’t likely to notice.  JavaFX is the greater concern, because 
it is the better tech and still needs feature development.  The community 
around it can keep it going as long as there is a consistent vision for it  
Ideas of using HTML for UI on a desktop app programmed in Java are ridiculously 
insane. We already have a much better cross-platform UI technology, no need to 
put work in to move backwards to an inferior UI tech.


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