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In order to understand this long thread (about NETBEANS-330 [1]) I tried to summarize it. Please review and send corrections & questions as appropriate.

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== Objectives

Host the NetBeans 9.0 Update Center on Apache infrastructure.

== Constraints/facts/options

- We cannot host it on a website due to bandwidth requirements of 3-5 Tb/month.

- We must use the Apache Mirror system and their "closer.cgi, closer.lua" cgi scripts [2] to select the closest mirror to the user. This script can either redirect directly to the closest binary file (ready to download), or return a JSON response with a list of closest mirrors.

- Distributing through the Apache Mirror system requires a proper release, with voting, approval and signing, etc.

- Geertjan says that prior to the final release we could do an rc release to have this feature tested.

- The UC catalog xml file can be hosted in the mirror system. For this to work the catalog xml file must contain relative paths, so when aged releases are moved away from the mirror system and into the archive things keep working.

- We can HTTP redirect to the proper catalog.xml file...

a) ... From our website, redirecting to the Apache mirror system or to the archive with an .htaccess file (under our control).

b) ... Idem, by asking infra to modify our server configuration (more performant but requires Infra tickets).

c) ... Using a script of ours hosted at the "VM" (a web server ours currently hosting selenium), that may also track/log some statistics.

- The NetBeans UC module will make a request for the XML file to our website, from there will be redirected to the mirror/archive. Later on it will build up proper URLs (using some prefix and the relative paths inside the catalog xml file) for the final NBM downloads.

- Mirror download statistics may be currently downloaded from https://www.apache.org/dyn/stats/netbeans.log

- Web server statistics are available through a very detailed request to infra. They say they're not in the "counting business" :-)

- Jan is working in NBM generation (with NOTICE & LICENSE, etc.). Jenkins now generates these artifacts:

== Open issues & questions

1- It seems we won't be able to host some OSGi bundles in the mirror system due to licensing issues?

2- Mirrors are not as reliable as a CDN: files can be corrupt, or whatever. The UC module should verify the integrity of the downloaded files, etc.

3- We may want to select a small set of NBM files for the first run, to workaround previous licensing problems.



On 05/04/18 14:38, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:
Hi all,

We need to nail down this one and I think the key blocker is that there are
different ideas about what this is about:


The above is not about the Plugin Portal.

If I understand it correctly, this is about where the NBMs (which ones? how
many? do we know?) and the related XML file (a.k.a. update center) will be

AFAIK, the XML file and the NBMs could be put onto our Apache NetBeans VM
just like Synergy:


The key question remains, which NBMs are we talking about here, applicable
to the 9.0 release, I think.



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