NiFi does allow developers to create custom UIs for accepting configuration
for the underlying Processors. They have typically be used when the
required configuration is richer than simple properties (name-value pairs)
will allow. Once the custom UI has been deployed the user will get an
Advanced button inside the Processor configuration dialog. Check out
UpdateAttribute and JoltTransformJson in your NiFi instance for an example.

The custom UI is deployed as a WAR which is discovered from any NAR. The
custom UI will be called with some parameters which it uses to call into
core NiFi. Your best bet would be to check out an existing example.
UpdateAttribute is a good choice [1].

As your working through, please check back with any questions.




On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 10:39 AM, AmitR <> wrote:

> Hello Experts,
> Greetings !!
> I am trying to build a custom processor for NIFI and was wondering if I can
> customize the User interface of it. I want to use some java framework which
> can be used to design tabs/buttons/textfields etc. Need your inputs on the
> feasibility and usage.
> Thanks in advance !!
> wr,
> AmitR
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