I am reviewing PR#1093, which happens to be a great contribution towards a
LSB compliant NiFi (something the overall community seems to be eager to

The PR basically changes so that it returns a numeric exit
code compatible with the LSB specifications.

I am happy with the overall code but there's one sticking point:

Should we return 0 (i.e. "healthy") when "Apache NiFi is running at PID {}
but is not responding to ping requests" ?

The LSB defines:

If the status action is requested, the init script will return the
following exit status codes.

0 program is running or service is OK
1 program is dead and /var/run pid file exists
2 program is dead and /var/lock lock file exists
3 program is not running
4 program or service status is unknown
5-99 reserved for future LSB use
100-149 reserved for distribution use
150-199 reserved for application use
200-254 reserved

My reading is that we should return 4, for the JVM PID is currently
running, however, the absence of a ping response could signal the NiFi
program running within the JVM is not healthy. (the PR contribution returns

Would anyone have a view on what usually would cause a NiFi instance to be
"running" but unable to respond to pings? Whenever that happens should we
return 0 (running/service ok) or 4 (program/service status unknown)?

I thank you in advance

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