We're trying to deploy Apache Nifi on Kubernetes behind Traefik (see 

Nifi API is trying to call back directly using pod hostname and not proxy host. 
This problem is described in 

To solve this, we have to override the elements of the URI using :
X-ProxyScheme - the scheme to use to connect to your proxy (https in this 
X-ProxyHost - the host of your proxy 
X-ProxyPort - the port your proxy is listening on 
X-ProxyContextPath - the path you've configured to map to the NiFi instance

This is not possible on Traefik, see 
Traefik team says:
However, after speaking with other members of the team, we think that the 
process of rewriting the response body in a reverse proxy is too heavy/prone to 
We encourage you to either:
- use host based rules only
- use specific Traefik path rewrite headers in you app
- let your app listen on a specific path

Do you have any solution to solve our problem ?


Tarik MOKHTARI | Practice Leader Open | Business Line DIGITAL | Sogeti France


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