We have a process group that queries data from our database and then passes the 
data on to a RouteOnAttribute processor which determines whether we actually 
have data to process or not.

The RouteOnAttribute processor determines that by checking the file size. If 
the file size is less than so many bytes it will update a run record in the 
database and end, if it is more than so many bytes it will continue on because 
it believes we retrieved records that need to be processed.

One thing we noticed recently in preprod is the size of an empty file was 
larger than the file size we were checking against. So somehow the size of the 
file increased (maybe additional meta data was added?) and because of that our 
check was no longer working.

My question is is there a better way to determine if our ExecuteSQL 1.8.0 
processor retrieved data or not and fork the process based on that? It seems 
like checking the file size can lead to issues down the road because the file 
itself can grow regardless of having data or not.



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