Lewis John McGibbney commented on NUTCH-2517:

I cannot reproduce this... see below for tests



/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch inject mycrawl/crawldb 
Injector: starting at 2018-03-06 14:31:10
Injector: crawlDb: mycrawl/crawldb
Injector: urlDir: urls/seed.txt
Injector: Converting injected urls to crawl db entries.
Injector: overwrite: false
Injector: update: false
Injector: Total urls rejected by filters: 0
Injector: Total urls injected after normalization and filtering: 1
Injector: Total urls injected but already in CrawlDb: 0
Injector: Total new urls injected: 1
Injector: finished at 2018-03-06 14:31:12, elapsed: 00:00:01


//simple 'ls' to see what we have

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ls mycrawl/crawldb/
current/ old/

// generate

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch generate mycrawl/crawldb 
mycrawl/segments 1
Generator: starting at 2018-03-06 14:31:37
Generator: Selecting best-scoring urls due for fetch.
Generator: filtering: true
Generator: normalizing: true
Generator: running in local mode, generating exactly one partition.
Generator: Partitioning selected urls for politeness.
Generator: segment: mycrawl/segments/20180306143139
Generator: finished at 2018-03-06 14:31:40, elapsed: 00:00:03


/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch fetch 
mycrawl/segments/20180306143139 -threads 2
Fetcher: starting at 2018-03-06 14:32:15
Fetcher: segment: mycrawl/segments/20180306143139
Fetcher: threads: 2
Fetcher: time-out divisor: 2
QueueFeeder finished: total 1 records hit by time limit :0
FetcherThread 36 Using queue mode : byHost
FetcherThread 36 Using queue mode : byHost
FetcherThread 40 fetching http://nutch.apache.org:-1/ (queue crawl delay=5000ms)
Fetcher: throughput threshold: -1
Fetcher: throughput threshold retries: 5
FetcherThread 41 has no more work available
FetcherThread 41 -finishing thread FetcherThread, activeThreads=1
robots.txt whitelist not configured.
FetcherThread 40 has no more work available
FetcherThread 40 -finishing thread FetcherThread, activeThreads=0
-activeThreads=0, spinWaiting=0, fetchQueues.totalSize=0, 
Fetcher: finished at 2018-03-06 14:32:18, elapsed: 00:00:02


/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch parse 
mycrawl/segments/20180306143139 -threads 2
ParseSegment: starting at 2018-03-06 14:32:45
ParseSegment: segment: mycrawl/segments/20180306143139
Parsed (140ms):http://nutch.apache.org:-1/
ParseSegment: finished at 2018-03-06 14:32:46, elapsed: 00:00:01

// lets see what we have

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ls mycrawl/
crawldb/  segments/
/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ls mycrawl/segments/20180306143139/
content/        crawl_fetch/    crawl_generate/ crawl_parse/    parse_data/     


/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch updatedb mycrawl/crawldb 
CrawlDb update: starting at 2018-03-06 14:33:40
CrawlDb update: db: mycrawl/crawldb
CrawlDb update: segments: [mycrawl/segments/20180306143139]
CrawlDb update: additions allowed: true
CrawlDb update: URL normalizing: false
CrawlDb update: URL filtering: false
CrawlDb update: 404 purging: false
CrawlDb update: Merging segment data into db.
CrawlDb update: finished at 2018-03-06 14:33:41, elapsed: 00:00:01

//lets see what we have

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ls mycrawl/
crawldb/  segments/

//mergesegs with -dir option

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch mergesegs 
mycrawl/MERGEDsegments -dir mycrawl/segments/ -filter
Merging 1 segments to mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180306143518
SegmentMerger:   adding file:/usr/local/nutch/mycrawl/segments/20180306143139
SegmentMerger: using segment data from: content crawl_generate crawl_fetch 
crawl_parse parse_data parse_text

// lets see what we have

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ls mycrawl/
MERGEDsegments/ crawldb/        segments/

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ls mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180306143518/crawl_
crawl_generate/ crawl_parse/

//mergesegs with single segment directory without dir option

/usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch mergesegs 
mycrawl/MERGEDsegments2 mycrawl/segments/20180306143139/ -filter
Merging 1 segments to mycrawl/MERGEDsegments2/20180306143617
SegmentMerger:   adding mycrawl/segments/20180306143139
SegmentMerger: using segment data from: content crawl_generate crawl_fetch 
crawl_parse parse_data parse_text

// mergesegs with array of segment directories

lmcgibbn@LMC-056430 /usr/local/nutch(master) $ ./runtime/local/bin/nutch 
mergesegs mycrawl/MERGEDsegments3 mycrawl/segments/20180306143139/ 
mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180306143518/ mycrawl/MERGEDsegments2/20180306143617/ 
Merging 3 segments to mycrawl/MERGEDsegments3/20180306143709
SegmentMerger:   adding mycrawl/segments/20180306143139
SegmentMerger:   adding mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180306143518
mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180306143518 changed input dirs
SegmentMerger:   adding mycrawl/MERGEDsegments2/20180306143617
SegmentMerger: using segment data from: crawl_generate crawl_parse

The difference i can see, is that upon successful execution of the mergesegs 
command, locally I am left with two new directories, namely 
ls mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180306143518/crawl_
crawl_generate/ crawl_parse/

> mergesegs corrupts segment data
> -------------------------------
>                 Key: NUTCH-2517
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/NUTCH-2517
>             Project: Nutch
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: segment
>    Affects Versions: 1.15
>         Environment: xubuntu 17.10, docker container of apache/nutch LATEST
>            Reporter: Marco Ebbinghaus
>            Priority: Blocker
>              Labels: mapreduce, mergesegs
>             Fix For: 1.15
>         Attachments: Screenshot_2018-03-03_18-09-28.png
> The problem probably occurs since commit 
> [https://github.com/apache/nutch/commit/54510e503f7da7301a59f5f0e5bf4509b37d35b4]
> How to reproduce:
>  * create container from apache/nutch image (latest)
>  * open terminal in that container
>  * set http.agent.name
>  * create crawldir and urls file
>  * run bin/nutch inject (bin/nutch inject mycrawl/crawldb urls/urls)
>  * run bin/nutch generate (bin/nutch generate mycrawl/crawldb 
> mycrawl/segments 1)
>  ** this results in a segment (e.g. 20180304134215)
>  * run bin/nutch fetch (bin/nutch fetch mycrawl/segments/20180304134215 
> -threads 2)
>  * run bin/nutch parse (bin/nutch parse mycrawl/segments/20180304134215 
> -threads 2)
>  ** ls in the segment folder -> existing folders: content, crawl_fetch, 
> crawl_generate, crawl_parse, parse_data, parse_text
>  * run bin/nutch updatedb (bin/nutch updatedb mycrawl/crawldb 
> mycrawl/segments/20180304134215)
>  * run bin/nutch mergesegs (bin/nutch mergesegs mycrawl/MERGEDsegments 
> mycrawl/segments/* -filter)
>  ** console output: `SegmentMerger: using segment data from: content 
> crawl_generate crawl_fetch crawl_parse parse_data parse_text`
>  ** resulting segment: 20180304134535
>  * ls in mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/segment/20180304134535 -> only existing 
> folder: crawl_generate
>  * run bin/nutch invertlinks (bin/nutch invertlinks mycrawl/linkdb -dir 
> mycrawl/MERGEDsegments) which results in a consequential error
>  ** console output: `LinkDb: adding segment: 
> [file:/root/nutch_source/runtime/local/mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180304134535|file:///root/nutch_source/runtime/local/mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180304134535]
>  LinkDb: org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.InvalidInputException: Input 
> path does not exist: 
> [file:/root/nutch_source/runtime/local/mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180304134535/parse_data|file:///root/nutch_source/runtime/local/mycrawl/MERGEDsegments/20180304134535/parse_data]
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.FileInputFormat.singleThreadedListStatus(FileInputFormat.java:323)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.FileInputFormat.listStatus(FileInputFormat.java:265)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.SequenceFileInputFormat.listStatus(SequenceFileInputFormat.java:59)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.FileInputFormat.getSplits(FileInputFormat.java:387)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.JobSubmitter.writeNewSplits(JobSubmitter.java:301)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.JobSubmitter.writeSplits(JobSubmitter.java:318)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.JobSubmitter.submitJobInternal(JobSubmitter.java:196)
>      at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job$10.run(Job.java:1290)
>      at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job$10.run(Job.java:1287)
>      at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
>      at javax.security.auth.Subject.doAs(Subject.java:422)
>      at 
> org.apache.hadoop.security.UserGroupInformation.doAs(UserGroupInformation.java:1746)
>      at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job.submit(Job.java:1287)
>      at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job.waitForCompletion(Job.java:1308)
>      at org.apache.nutch.crawl.LinkDb.invert(LinkDb.java:224)
>      at org.apache.nutch.crawl.LinkDb.run(LinkDb.java:353)
>      at org.apache.hadoop.util.ToolRunner.run(ToolRunner.java:70)
>      at org.apache.nutch.crawl.LinkDb.main(LinkDb.java:313)`
> So as it seems mapreduce corrupts the segment folder during mergesegs command.
> Pay attention to the fact that this issue is not related on trying to merge a 
> single segment like described above. As you can see on the attached 
> screenshot that problem also appears when executing multiple bin/nutch 
> generate/fetch/parse/updatedb commands before executing mergesegs - resulting 
> in a segment count > 1.

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