I would like to open a discussion for 72 hours then call a vote. The topic is "Should we remove Windows native build support?"

What is the Windows native build?  Is is a build option that supports building NuttX in a pure Windows environment such as from a Windows IDE or from CMD/PowerShell command line.  It differs primarily in that it cannot use Bash features or Bash .sh scripts, but instead must use commands from CMD.exe and .bat scripts.

Please see the discussion here that is leading to the vote: https://github.com/apache/incubator-nuttx/pull/102

I think this needs a vote because (1) it is clear contradiction to the Inviolables and (2) it could have significant, negative impact to NuttX users down the road (although I don't think any current NuttX user would be impacted).  The cost vs the benefit is not entirely clear to me.

PRO Removal:

 * The Windows native native support is seldom used and lags the POSIX
   environment builds.  As a consequence, it is usually broken. 
   Historically, people who need the native have to contribute fixes to
   get the build back into working shape.
 * Documentation current claims that NuttX supports the Windows native
   build but that build is never verified and is probably not working
   at any given time.
 * The Windows native build adds a lot complexity to the build system.

ANTI Removal

 * Although, the Windows native build is probably broken at any given
   time, it has historically not been a huge effort to get it back into
   shape.  That might be different now since there has been a
   significant re-write to the apps/ build, in particular.
 * There are users whose customer base absolutely requires the Windows
   native build.  Good user oriented support would require that we
   support the Windows the native build.
 * Removing the Windows native build for reasons of convenience and
   expediency and without regard to the needs of the NuttX user is very
   much in contradiction to the OS principles (i.e., the Inviolables).

Please offer your opinion.  You should not take the position of someone who only cares about your personal use of Linux.  Please think in terms of the bigger picture of what is good for the project and for the users of the project in the long run.

I will end the discussion and start the vote in the evening of January 18.


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