Hi Tomek: Thanks for sharing, I have been following the Pine64 Community,
indeed these are interesting developments.

At the NuttX Online Workshop I was delighted to hear that NuttX on 64-bit
RISC-V has advanced so far.

Perhaps after porting NuttX to PinePhone, I should try porting NuttX to
STAR64 RISC-V Board :-)


On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 8:25 AM Tomek CEDRO <to...@cedro.info> wrote:

> A bit offtopic but I found this interesting article from one of the
> Pine64 Linux Community Developers.. and I think it may be interesting
> in the context of porting NuttX to Pine64 devices :-)
> https://blog.brixit.nl/why-i-left-pine64/
> Quite interesting as I am waiting for the 2022Q4 release of "desktop
> class" (OSHW rPI alternative) STAR64 board to work with on FreeBSD :-)
> https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/STAR64
> Here, in terms of kernel API stability and only one "OS as the
> distribution", both NuttX and FreeBSD may have clear advantage over
> Linux :-)
> I also have this feeling that only Open-Source-Software-AND-Hardware
> will be worth investing time in the long term, thus my focus on the
> RISC-V :-)
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