Hi All,

After Nicolas's work at OFBIZ-9558 I want to create a "Code deprecation rules" 
wiki page.

Before doing so I think we need to get a consensus about when to remove 
deprecated code (Java, Groovy, XML, etc.) and services definitions.

Then we could plan to remove all deprecated code in trunk when for instance 
creating a new release.

I suggest that we don't wait too long and deprecate code when we create the 
first release of the last freezed branch



Le 07/08/2017 à 00:02, Scott Gray a écrit :
Some additional nice to haves:
- Add a "since" attribute to the "deprecated" element that would contain
either a date or a release candidate version string.  This would make it
easier for us to know when the service can be removed. (I can't remember
the policy for deprecation,  remove after the next release or after two?)
- For webtools, add a strikethrough on the service name in the Service List
screen and add the information to the UI in the service definition screen.


On 7/08/2017 05:04, "Nicolas Malin" <nicolas.ma...@nereide.fr> wrote:

On Aug 6, 2017 8:47 AM, "Deepak Dixit" <deepak.di...@hotwaxsystems.com>

Hi Nicolas,
And ideally we have to mark services deprecate instead of removing, with
expected release on which we will remove this deprecated code.

On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 1:34 AM, Nicolas Malin <nicolas.ma...@nereide.fr>
After a new ofbiz stable branche creation, we remove all deprecated
service ?

Any suggests, othet ideas, comments ?

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