Sorry it took so long to reply. I was not notified by Nabble that anybody
responded.When I use the term "access", it is _not_ related to ofbiz
security. Perhaps I should have used a different term to describe these
fields.  I shall replace "access" with readWriteType.readWriteType means how
ofbiz treats the property when a user interacts with it.  Of course, only
users with the proper ofbiz authorization may access the properties. Some
properties are mean to be viewed and not modified (ie.
readWriteType=readOnly).  Some are hidden altogether (ie.
readWriteType=hidden).Example of a read only property field:An ofbiz owner
may subscribe to a third party service via oauth2 authentication.  This 3rd
party service is used by ofbiz to provide a functionality.  A user with
proper ofbiz authorization may modify the oauth2 authentication
parameters(ie. readWriteType=readWrite) and can also view the current oauth2
status (ie. readWriteType=readOnly). (Note: this is not related to ofbiz
passport component).In the case of readWriteType=hidden, lets define 2
terms. ofbizOwner and ofbizTenantOwner.  ofbizOwner is an entity that owns
an ofbiz system. Such an entity is responsible for installation, setup,
upgrades, database upgrades and tenant administrations. A ofbizInstanceOwner
is a tenant of an ofbiz system configured for multitenant mode of operation. 
A property with readWriteType=hidden is one which is administered by the
ofbizOwner and stored in the database of an ofbizTenantOwner and affects the
instance of that tenant.  As such, the ofbizTenantOwner cannot view nor edit
such a property.Hope this clear things up.

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