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On Fri, 11 Aug 2017 at 08:01 Swapnil Mane <swapnil.m...@hotwaxsystems.com>

> Hello Devs,
> While looking into the support of email templates for Product Store, we
> found it is managed by screens.
> Like for Order Completion
> <ProductStoreEmailSetting
> bodyScreenLocation="component://ecommerce/widget/EmailOrderScreens.xml#OrderCompleteNotice"
> emailType="PRDS_ODR_COMPLETE" fromAddress="ofbizt...@example.com"
> productStoreId="9000" subject="OFBiz Demo - Your Order Is Complete
> #${orderId}"/>
> Here you can see, we are having dependency on screens (i.e. templates
> defined in file system)
> Due to this, the user is unable to edit the email template on the fly.
> We can enhance this mechanism by making the template as content driven.
> Here is the design plan,
> We can extend the ProductStoreEmailSetting entity by contentId field.
> While rendering email based on its type, if the contentId is present, this
> content will render, else system will look for bodyScreenLocation (our
> existing implementation)
> Using this we can leverage the CMS capability of the OFBiz.
> Right now if end user (client) wants to make any change in the email
> template, it required the changes in the file.
> If we manage this by content, the user can edit this on the fly with the
> help of CMS.
> All the inputs and suggestions are welcome!
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> Swapnil M Mane
> www.hotwaxsystems.com
> www.hotwax.co
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