Hi Sharan,

It could be related with Paul's last commit r1824740. I see a lot of error at 

I updated this morning, before Paul's last commit, and it still work locally 

You could try to revert his commits and see if it works. It's already late in 
night in Australia ;)



Le 19/02/2018 à 13:43, Sharan Foga a écrit :
Hi All

Not sure if this is related to any of the discussions happening, but I've just 
done a fresh checkout and build of the framework trunk and am getting errors 
when I try to login with the default admin user.

This is error that is showing:

  The datamodel data has not been loaded; cannot find hitTypeId 'REQUEST not 
storing ServerHit.

I know we said the trunk could break from time to time with the work we are 
doing, so is this one of those times? :-)


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