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On 02/03/2018 11:46, Nicolas Malin wrote:

thanks Sharan for you proposition


On 02/03/2018 09:53, Sharan Foga wrote:
Hi All

I'd like to start a discussion about the possibility of inviting Paul Foxworthy to be a member of the PMC.

Paul has been around the project for over 7 years and a committer for over 5. He is active on the mailing list and Jira consistently providing great feedback and advice. He also participates in community votes etc. I like that he is open and happy to listen to and discuss potential solutions. I also like that he is willing to participate, critique and even change his mind to allow an initiative to move forward. He has some good financial knowledge which he shares, and also I think he was quite involved with the documentation framework discussions.

I think he would be a good person to have on the PMC. What do others think?


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