Cannot agree more.

And distributed DB such as CockroachDB can be used to get PB level storage.

发件人: Rajesh Mallah [] 
发送时间: 2018年3月13日 11:33
主题: Re: support for schema , ofbiz database , ofbiz olap database specification 
in tenant_data_source

Hi Paul ,

Thanks for attention and considering the proposal of having feature for 
database name specification for tenantCreation.

Yes I use XML-RPC thoroughly as i mostly use OFBiz as a framework for generic 
data models rather than the OOTB. In such a development model I feel joining 
tables and getting data from DB is much more efficient than implementing DB 
like activities in application code. (ie. utilising xml-rpc)

Sparingly i require to access the ofbiz entities directly and that is where 
having ofbiz entities in a schema of existing database comes handy.

Its true that scaling requirements of the two applications can be different and 
tying them into same DB may lead to redundant allocations.

But i still feel having flexibility shall be a boon as we never know how 
creative people get with their setups!. OFBiz is already a very flexible 
architecture for that matter.

I guess the default behavior of the command can be left like that and for those 
who need more flexibility there can be fine grained options for overriding the 
default values.


On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 7:59 AM, Paul Foxworthy <> wrote:

> On 13 March 2018 at 13:12, Rajesh Mallah <> wrote:
> > I was not suggesting to use schemas  in general for for 
> > accommodating tenants.
> > Each tenant can reside in its own dedicated DB.
> >
> > When we use OFBiz as a part of some application that has other 
> > relational data as well, then schema partitioning comes handy.
> >
> > Eg, The OFBiz data lies in its own schema say 'ofbiz'  and the other 
> > application data lies in another schema say 'general' or 'app' etc. 
> > it makes utilizing
> > ofbiz.*  and general.* tables easier. It allows close integration of 
> > applications with OFBiz.
> >
> > As far as other DBs are concerned that do not have same notion of 
> > schema, the feature can be done on an optional basis (ie controlled 
> > by the args)
> ,
> >  i guess the current form of entityengine.xml is already doing it 
> > i.e, handling diverse DBs and supporting (Pg) schema at the same time.
> >
> > Also the DBname specification is currently embedded in the jdbc_uri 
> > , if
> we
> > can have an option for specifying / overriding the 2 kinds of DBs 
> > (org.apache.ofbiz and org.apache.ofbiz.olap) while creating a tenant 
> > it shall allow to use existing DBs.
> >
> > This shall be very handy for migrations /  consolidation of DBs in 
> > enterprise environments.
> >
> Hi Rajesh,
> OK, thanks.
> I agree it would be useful to have the database name as a separate 
> logical thing rather than embedded in the URI.
> Integrating two applications and two schemas within one database might 
> be the best. But managing permissions gets tricky - each application 
> would have its own security management, and yet requires some access 
> to the other application's data, even if read-only. It would be 
> difficult to scale one application independently of the other using a 
> cluster or some other technique. Have you considered using XML-RPC services 
> instead?
> Cheers
> Paul Foxworthy
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