Great work sharan. Maybe in the future we should be putting the HR
umbrella task itself as a sub-task of the entire documentation
umbrella task. This way when we branch out to other docs we know where
to reference and group them.

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 7:33 PM, Sharan Foga <> wrote:
> Hi All
> I’d like to welcome our documentation team members to our dev mailing list. 
> You will find that the discussions here are more about the ongoing work to 
> improve OFBiz and our documentation effort is part of that. So to start off, 
> I have updated the details in the Documentation Team wiki page
> Please take a look through, and let me know if things are clear and make 
> sense (if not please speak up so that we can fix it :-). Also I would 
> encourage anyone that has any comments, feedback, suggestions then please 
> make them as we can all learn new things.
> An umbrella task for the Human Resource Guide has been created in Jira at the 
> link below
> -  You can see the list of sub tasks making up this guide. Each sub task is a 
> separate document (or topic section)  that one of the documentation team 
> needs to write. Each task also has a unique reference number.
> -  You can click the link to view any of the sub tasks. They all have a short 
> description and include an attachment with an empty .adoc file.
> -  You will see that most of the sub tasks are unassigned. When you select a 
> task to work on, it will have your name as the assignee.
> -   You will also see that one of the tasks, the first one in the list has 
> been been closed.  Please click the link and take a look at this sub task as 
> it will show you the comments that were made while Michael and I were working 
> on the task.
> As you work on a task you can provide your feedback as a comment rather than 
> the dev mailing list because it is directly related to the Jira task you are 
> working on. (We do have another mailing list called notifications that 
> automatically records all Jira comments but don’t worry about that :-)
> So the next step is that I will create an example of the hr-intro.adoc file 
> and we can work through the process of getting .adoc file reviewed, tested 
> and committed into the codebase. We will do it all together one step at a 
> time and I will explain as we go.
> So I would recommend that you login to Jira for this issue.   
> Click the section on the right hand side to ‘Start watching this issue’. This 
> means that you will be notified each time this issue gets updated.
> Any questions, then please let me know.
> Thanks
> Sharan

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