Hi Deepak, All,

I checked last week and we had only an "issue" with security (not really red 
but orange)
We already spoke about it but did not do exactly the "right" thing
We actually kept the previous way we did. Note that we have a link to the ASF security page (https://www.apache.org/security/) from the download page where the https://ofbiz.apache.org/download.html#security link in footer get to.
I believe information to our users is more important than a link to the ASF 
security page and we have our own security team.
What we could do is to change the anchor name in the download page to #vulnerabilities, use it in footer, and then I guess whimsy will rather detect the link to the ASF security page in our download page.

Foundation is new, Rich Bowen has added it as "mandatory" few days ago after an ASF members discussion about TLPs promoting ASF (some eminent members disagreed and mentioned that it can't be mandatory, we are not a corporation)
Anyway I agree we can fix it by following http://apache.org/events/README.txt


Le 10/04/2018 à 08:16, Deepak Dixit a écrit :
Hi Dev,

ofbiz.apache.org  site fails to compile with https://whimsy.apache.org/site/
AS per the result it fails in following criteria:
-  Foundation <https://whimsy.apache.org/site/check/foundation>
-  Security <https://whimsy.apache.org/site/check/security>

You can check summary at following url

It might be related to site or some issue at whimsy.

Thanks & Regards
Deepak Dixit

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