oOps, thank you Deepak, fixed

After a c/p I forgot to put the right link :/

BTW I prefer to not use Confluence shortcuts.
I still remember the pain when we moved to ASF Confluence and lost pages and 
references because of Confluence shortcuts.
When you have a plain URL you can at least look for the words in the URL and it 


Le 13/04/2018 à 10:45, Deepak Dixit a écrit :
Hi Jacques,


Thanks & Regards
Deepak Dixit

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 1:38 PM, <jler...@apache.org> wrote:

              <p> <strong> We strongly encourage OfBiz users to report
security problems affecting OFBiz to the private security mailing lists
(either secur...@ofbiz.apache.org or secur...@apache.org), before
disclosing them in a public forum.</strong></p>
              <p>Please see the  <a href="https://www.apache.org/security";
target="external">ASF Security Team webpage</a> for further information
about reporting a security vulnerability as well as their contact
information. </p>
+            <p>You might be interested by our <a href="
https://www.apache.org/security"; target="external">Keeping OFBiz secure
wiki page.</a></p>

I think here you used wrong link it should be
https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/x/OdWnAw in stead of

              <h3>List of Known Vulnerabilities</h3>
              <ul class="iconsList">

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