Hi Suraj,

Did you get a chance to check if these entities are covered by tests somehow?



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Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

One more point is we also manage Data Migration By release document so it
will help existing uses. Such as https://cwiki.apache.org/confl
Handling of deprecated entities is also properly defined at
we can easily follow these steps.

We will change entity name and its occurrence everywhere in code base,
provide a data migration service which will be helpful for existing uses.
Further on, thanks to Arun's suggestion, there will not be any confusion
related to entity name as well.

@Nicolas, Arun also suggested two names to avoid confusion, may be anyone
of them makes more sense to you.

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There are some entities which could be renamed as per their usage.

     - *OrderItemShipGroup*: It shows order ship groups and it doesn't
     contain anything at order item level. So, it could be re-named as
     - *OrderItemShipGroupAssoc: *It do not maintain any association type,
     just contains order item with respect to ship group, so this could be
     re-named as *OrderItemShipGroup *to maintain consistency and code

I know that these entities are crucial part of OOTB data model since
inception. Having thought in mind that 'Naming should be self
this is a proposal and It would be great to hear communities thought on
this topic.

Please share your opinions on this.

It's big modification with potential side-effect.
I suggest to move carefully and migrate entities one by one and not all in
one :)

For the renaming OrderItemShipGroupto OrderShipGroupit's ok but I'm
against OrderItemShipGroupAssoc to OrderItemShipGroup. As pragmatic
OrderItemShipGroupAssoc isn't perfect like you spotted but it's easily



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