I am trying to evaluate and learn to develop with Apache OFBiz.  I am 
completely new to all of this!  I just started looking at this today.

As I was exploring the default e-commerce plugin, I found that the UI is very 
dated and they have not released themes for it other than the default. Then, I 
found https://github.com/ORRTIZ/ecbootstrap. This appears to be modern plugin I 
could use instead, which I was quite excited to see. But, when I try to use it, 
I'm encountering bugs. For some reason, gradlew blows up with errors about 
reading XML data in that project.

I'm using the latest OFBiz source, and Java JDK. This plugin is a couple of 
years old, so I figure there is some incompatibility.

I may well be doing any number of things wrong in my attempt to implement this. 
 Could someone with experience please test this out and see if it works?  Then, 
maybe we could explore what I'm doing wrong?

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