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发件人: Gil Portenseigne [mailto:gil.portensei...@nereide.fr] 
发送时间: 2018年8月11日 4:00
收件人: dev OFBiz
主题: New Impersonate Feature : OFBIZ-10515

Hello !

I would like to introduce to you a new feature, i already talked about some
time ago (last year?). We needed it for one of our customer, that is
using it for some time and is very happy with it (like we are).

Indeed this impersonation feature comes to be very useful when we need
to validate some behaviour or to assist a user in production without
asking for its credential. It's became so easy to use that even in
preproduction/integration environment we use it daily to impersonate
specific configured userlogin without trying to remember the password...

It's kinda basic, a new permission is created and can be granted to an
authorized user, that will be offered a way to select a userlogin to

It's a common feature that can be found for example in Gitlab.

If you wanna try it out it's available here :

Feedback are welcomed :), although i'll be partly offline next week.

Looking forward reading you !


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