While trying to understand the Groovy engine implemenation details, I
discovered the mechanism used to add some bindings to scripts. Those
bindings are meant to make it convenient for programmers to write those
scripts in the context of OFBiz by letting them invoke a service and
query the database easily.

This feature has been introduced in 2012 by Adrian Crum while he was
working on the Script Engine which allows OFBiz to interact generically
with scripting languages implementing the JSR-223 specification. [1]

Adrian chose to use the Abstract Factory pattern combined with the
service loader [2] for an obscure reason since there is only one
implementation of the ‘ScriptHelperFactory’ and only one implementation
of the ‘ScriptHelper’ interface.  This give me the feeling that this set
of abstraction is unnecessary and only make things harder to reason

As a consequence I propose to simplify the implementation by removing
the abstract factory pattern and merging the ‘ScriptHelper’ interface
with its sole implementation.

What do people think?

[2] https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/ServiceLoader.html

Mathieu Lirzin
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