So I believe Groovysh is taking the classloader as an argument to bind
within the context of OFBiz hence using the current thread (OFBiz)
class loader to inject itself.

Now if you are going to eventually shutdown OFBiz, no problem, the
shutdown hook will kick in and kill anything running in memory in a
clean way including Groovysh because it's registered on the
classloader. However, if you crash, or disconnect from the server for
example, what happens to that session? Does it terminate? Does it
linger in memory? If so, you need to create a hook (maybe a timeout
hook) to ensure termination. I find this feature nice, So I might use
it often and if I do, I might have ghost sessions that pile up over
time (Assuming I'm not missing anything and my understanding of how
the shell works is correct).

If we can ensure that we won't likely have ghost sessions for whatever
reason, then we ensure memory safety and no leaks happening (unless
maybe someone writes an infinite loop or something).

On Sun, Jan 13, 2019 at 12:33 AM Mathieu Lirzin
<> wrote:
> Hello Taher,
> Taher Alkhateeb <> writes:
> > On a quick review of the code, and given that we're populating the
> > class loader of current thread, can we ensure clean termination of
> > shells?
> This work is experimental, so be prepared to ruff edges. :-)
> I didn't thought about the implications of using the current thread
> class loader.  What kind of scenario of non-clean termination of shells
> have you in mind?
> Thanks for your comment.
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