1. Summernote is usable without bootstrap (see this link)
   <https://summernote.org/getting-started/#without-bootstrap>. But
   thank you for this overview, Aditya. Trumbowyg does seem like a good
   candidate as well.
2. The use-case for ftl-support is not entirely clear to me, but if you
   have demand for this, we can include it, of course, Pierre.
3. I have updated the Coonfluence Page
   accordingly. You are all welcome to participate there.

Best regards,

Benjamin Jugl

On 16.01.19 13:19, Pierre Smits wrote:
I would say that the successor should be able to work with ftl code, as we
have functionalities in content regarding  templates for invoices, orders
etc. If I remember correctly Nicolas worked on such a feature.  I (vaguely)
remember there is a ticket that brings that issue to the foreground with
respect to elRTE.

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

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On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 2:15 PM Aditya Sharma <
aditya.sha...@hotwaxsystems.com> wrote:

Hi all,

We initially discussed for Quill <https://quilljs.com/> (
https://github.com/quilljs/quill) see OFBIZ-10093
While Benjamin suggested Summernote <https://summernote.org/> (
https://github.com/summernote/summernote) as Quill lacks the ability to
show html-source refer https://github.com/quilljs/quill/issues/128 & as
the comments
<https://github.com/quilljs/quill/issues/128#issuecomment-215263950> by
JasonChen <https://github.com/jhchen>, it will not be implemented in the
official release.
The issue with Summernote is its dependency on Bootstrap. We will have to
load the entire library for a plugin.

I would suggest Trumbowyg <https://alex-d.github.io/Trumbowyg/> (
MIT license with a community of 139 contributors and 60 releases (last on
14 Dec 2018) yet.
Supports 40+ Languages

Trumbowyg works with JQuery as well as ready for use with Web frameworks
and CMS packages:

    1. AngularJS component
    2. VueJS component
    3. React wrapper
    4. Ruby on Rails
    5. OctoberCMS plugin
    6. 99ko plugin
    7. Django widget
    8. REST in Place
    9. Yii 2 widget

Trumbowyg can be extended with the following plugins:

    1.  Allow tags from paste
    2.  Base 64
    3.  Clean paste
    4.  Colors
    5.  Emoji
    6.  Insert audio
    7.  No embed
    8.  Paste image
    9.  Preformatted
    10.  Table
    11.  Template
    12.  Ruby
    13.  Upload

Comparison though quite old, refer

Thanks and Regards,

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On Sat, Dec 15, 2018 at 6:45 PM Taher Alkhateeb <

those things are hard to google for. Looking forward for your research

On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 12:42 PM Benjamin Jugl <benjamin.j...@ecomify.de

Hello all!

The visual editor for Textareas that is used by Ofbiz is elRTE. This
editor has been abandoned for quite some time, as you can see in
OFBIZ-10093 <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OFBIZ-10093>. Since
it is a factor in some security issues as well, I would really like to
replace it with an up-to-date alternative.

For this, I created a new Decision
page in Confluence. First goal of this is to throw in all the demands
that have to be met by an alternative and rate them, so we have a basis
for evaluation.

Best wishes, Benjamin

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