+1 to use gitlab features to work around code, that will help

I don't know if there is an Apache alternative to get the features without
Microsoft. But having two official tools to get contribution is not desired.

I guess that using existent Github should be ok for official pull
request, if not, it's always ok to have and attached patch or
other gitlab reference.


Le 11:55 - mardi 03 déc., Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
> Le 03/12/2019 à 08:21, Jacopo Cappellato a écrit :
> > Now that we have migrated to Git, in my opinion we should really consider
> > to adopt the workflow based on PR as our primary method for accepting
> > contributions. I understand that it is a relevant change for the community,
> > but I also see many advantages and a more natural (for Git) workflow for
> > contributors and committers. Contributors would fork from the official repo
> > and would submit pull requests that the committers would merge into the
> > official branches.
> > 
> I tend to agree, it's simple to merge and commit. We will still maybe need
> Jiras when discussions are needed, or in all cases to fill the blog monthly
> posts?
> I guess using Github (ie Microsoft :D) is not a problem for the community?
> Opinions are welcome
> Jacques

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