There is one drawback with PR's I just noticed: the commits of the pull requests will be written to the commit history using the timestamp of the original commits.

So if the commits were written a month ago and a committer merges in the codebase now, it appears in the history a month ago.

This might be confusing, at least when retracing problems or following changes.

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Am 30.01.20 um 14:25 schrieb Pierre Smits:
Hi All,

Recently we saw some postings in various threads how to deal with commits
from contributors coming via pull requests in Github.
If I understand it correctly, the issue we're dealing with has to do with
the commit message (as defined in
After a code contribution has been accepted by a committer, this commit
message appears in:

    1. the OFBiz repo
    2. a posting to the commit@ mailing list
    3. in the referenced JIRA ticket (as a comment, and in the commit
    section, see e.g.

Elements of the commit message are also used in the regularly occurring
blog posts of the project.

With our repositories available via Github, we can expect that more and
more contributors work within their local clones, and publish their code
changes (commits) in their own public forks on Github and from there issue
a pull request to get these contributions evaluated by community members
and when good incorporated into the OFBiz repositories.

A pull request can contain one or more commits (from the contributor - or
in git parlance: the author).

So, when the commit message by the contributor (author) of each of his
commits is formatted in accordance with the commit-message template there
is nothing that stands in the way to take it to the next step. Which is the
evaluation of the contribution by other community members.

Is my assessment so far correct?

Best regards,

Pierre Smits

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