OK forget it for now. I just realised that ecomseo starts with R15.
So you can still get to it in trunk demo using https://ofbiz-vm.apache.org:8443/ecomseo but it will available to users from official site main page only when we will roll out R16

But mmm, I vaguely remember having proposed to rotate our demos. Since we will 
not publish R16 before at least some months, could we not?

1. drop R12.04 (no longer supported anyway)
2. Rename related title in site main page from
   12.04 Release Branch Demo (old)
   R15 Pending Branch Demo (unstable)
3. And replace R12.04 by R15



Le 21/09/2016 à 18:40, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :
After 3 day, I consider this a lazy consensus since nobody chimed in and will 
change accordingly tomorrow


Le 18/09/2016 à 15:27, Jacques Le Roux a écrit :

Maybe you don't know about or did not try it, but we have ecomseo a clone of 
the ecommerce component tailored for SEO


I propose to use it as the default ecommerce demo. This mostly to somehow 
battle test it, even if I know it works well.

As it's based on ecommerce, users should not experience a big changes, apart 
the changed URLs

What do you think?


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