Thanks Taher, that's quite a proposition.


Le 11/10/2016 à 09:07, Taher Alkhateeb a écrit :
How about creating a section in this document called "Advanced environment
setup" In this section you explain things like:

- how to move from Gradle to plain Java

I'm not sure quite sure what you mean by "moving from Gradle to plain Java". So 
my answer below may be biased.
My preference would be to recommend to use Gradle as much as possible in all areas (eg: dev, test, QA, stage and prod) and if it's not possible to use in one or several of the areas then to switch to plain Java. What I mean by "to switch to plain Java" is, as we discussed already, is to simply copy the the Gradle cache to a another location and to set the location of Gradle cache by a mean or another (eg and sequel) We may also want to advice to copy only necessary files (to avoid copy the Internet ;)). Something like what I proposed (for another reason: OWASP-DC) in this comment

In other words, if you can't run Gradle in an area but this area is on the same 
LAN than your test instance (most common) then

    1. You have plenty of disk space and your LAN is not a bottleneck, just 
copy the Gradle Cache, change its location, et voilà
    2. You can't use the point 1 (ie you want to minimise disk space or/and LAN 
usage, or it's not on the LAN) then a solution like in in my comment
       above can be used (copy only files OFBiz needs to compile and run).
    3. You may even compile in a location where you can use Gradle and then 
copy only the OFBiz jars and the runtime ones, something like Pierre
       proposed in this comment!default.jspa?id=12989043&commentId=15384413

Then do we need to explain more, ie what you suggest below? It seems they are 
more related to Gradle knowledge and I'd let that to users to work on.


- how the dependencies are resolved and what to do to download them manually
- How does gradle build the classpath and how to replicate that in pure Java
- How to fine-tune the build script for production (e.g. remove dependency
on build for OFBiz server tasks)
- How to fine-tune the memory settings for Gradle for optimal performance
- How to fine-tune gradle generally ->
- All other advanced production setup topics (caching, widgets, etc ..)

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Jacques Le Roux <> wrote:


In the Apache OFBiz Technical Production Setup Guide we have few examples
of command lines

As it was before when using Ant I have shown both options, ie using
Gradlew or directly Java.

I think I already know Taher's answer :) But I'd like to know if we agree
about keeping both examples or if we should simplify and give only the
gradlew examples.

I tend to think that we should simplify and only give users the mean to
know the java way by themselves (ie by running "gradlew 'ofbiz ?'")



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