Hi Hans,

I'm not interested in helping to implement (rather not enough spare time) but 
that could be contributed as a component I guess.

Could it be a plugins or does it need to be in framework? What would be the 
entailments for framework changes?



Le 07/08/2017 à 10:08, Hans Bakker a écrit :
Interest for co-operation?

We are looking here using vaadin (http://vaadin.com/) as user interface for 
OFBIz using existing OFBiz screens and forms

we have a proof of concept working here and are preparing a vadinDemo component 
for others to try.
 We implemented it creating an FTL macrolibrary generating Vaadin instead of 
HTML statements.

Please let me know here, if there is interest helping to implement this.

The license of Vaadin is in general Apache 2.0 or compatible.

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