we proudly announce that Apache Olingo 4.3.0 has been released.
This is the fourth stable Olingo release for OData Version 4
(see specification [1] and new features [2]).

This release is available for download:

Tutorials and documentation are also available:

Available also in central maven repository:
and the Apache repository:

If you would like to get involved please write to: u...@olingo.apache.org
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Apache Olingo is a Java library which enables developers to
implement OData service providers (server) and consumers (clients)
for OData V2 and V4.

The Open Data Protocol (OData, http://www.odata.org/) is an open protocol
to allow the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable
RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way.

[1]: http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/odata/v4.0/odata-v4.0-part1-protocol.html

Release Notes - Olingo - Version 4.3.0

[OLINGO-931] - $select does not work with JsonSerializer
[OLINGO-939] - Content-Type wrong in error response in server-core-ext module
[OLINGO-960] - Failure to find as Alias shound not throw an exception
[OLINGO-964] - Cast type (typeFilterOnCollection) not taken into
account while expanding a collection
[OLINGO-966] - Parse of filter with guild parameter fails
[OLINGO-967] - batch request rollback is not working properly
[OLINGO-977] - Missing call "writer.writeStartDocument" in
[OLINGO-980] - INVALID_NULL_ANNOTATION when update navigation property to null
[OLINGO-981] - Binding operation null on to one
[OLINGO-982] - Metadataparser does not set correct value for Nullable
attriibute of Navigation Property
[OLINGO-984] - Client-Proxy: collection of enums as property not supported
[OLINGO-987] - V4: Serializer canĀ“t resolve ESCompCollComp?$format=json
[OLINGO-988] - V4: ExpandOption created by the deserializer contains
duplicates in deep instert cases
[OLINGO-991] - OData4HttpHandler does not honor split while processing request
[OLINGO-1002] - EDMParameter type is missing from TargetType
[OLINGO-1003] - Binary content in batch requests gets corrupted
[OLINGO-1015] - Wrong batch content header handling

[OLINGO-567] - Support odata.metadata=full on server side serialization
[OLINGO-936] - V4 code cleanup epic
[OLINGO-954] - Send OData Version Header with every Response to be
more specification compliant
[OLINGO-979] - V4: Make ODataApplicationException translatable
[OLINGO-989] - V4: Minor Client enhancements
[OLINGO-990] - V4: Allow custom Headers for metadata requests
[OLINGO-1004] - V4: Clean Up FIT module

New Feature
[OLINGO-935] - V4 $apply support
[OLINGO-995] - V4: Support Http HEAD method
[OLINGO-1009] - Provide serilization support for $levels with $expand

[OLINGO-993] - V4: Provide a beta release via the maven nexus
[OLINGO-997] - Make release build work with Java 8

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