Hello folks

As ever my bandwidth shrunk and I didn't get through to completion on the
website, but I have got some time again.... not sure I should write that
when the boss is watching..... I would like to get this new website
finished, but in parallel I'd like to kick off the changes required in
infra to move away from the OODT CMS....

So with the site I worked on: http://buggtb.github.io/oodt-website/

Here is my todo:

Add some usecase content to links on homepage
Add some Vagrant content to vagrant tab
Fix component docs so the front page links actually link somewhere

Except those items does anyone have any objection to opening a vote to move
the website from Apache CMS to the Jekyll design hosted either in ASF
infrastructure using git-pub-sub or github pages if the ASF supports that
these days. The site is static so nothing database wise is required.



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