Hi Susana

Welcome to the OODT list, this is indeed the correct place to ask about
OODT related stuff.

How you deliver data, I guess often depends on your requirements, but OODT
was certainly designed with that type of thing in mind.

The file manager is very flexible in terms of storage and is a portal
allowing for the ingestion of data products to a file store, this could be
a folder on a disk, nfs mount or something else, a HDFS cluster, S3 or
something completely different. So the system will ingest data into the
file manager either through an API call, a crawling service or something
else. During this operation metadata from the ingested files is then
extracted, for example if this were an image, you could extract EXIF data,
GEO data etc and then store that in the catalogue alongside the ingested

There is a basic UI for showing ingested products called Ops UI, but in
reality for deployment as a service there would be a web interface written
to integrate into whatever application or portal you are already using,
which would then allow users to search for products via metadata or keys in
the ingested data. From that search users could then do a range of things
depending on what your requirements are, the simplest being clicking a link
to download the product. But of course it could be triggering a workflow,
copying the file somewhere else or whatever.

Behind the File Manager is also the workflow manager, so another scenario
might be to ingest files into the file manager, which in turn triggers a
workflow which then distributes the ingest files to people automatically,
or performs some post processing etc.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 7:56 AM, Susana Sanchez <susanasan...@gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I am trying to find out which of the components of Apache OODT is the most
> suitable for delivering large data products to users located remotely
> (users distributed on a WAN network)
> I have read the CAS File Manager has the capability to archive a file to a
> remote location, so it could be a candidate. However it seems, this
> component was not designed for this purpose, so it is not recommended for
> distributing data through a  WAN network. Is that correct?
> I think the components that I am looking for are the Grid product services
> (Product server/client, Profile server/client, Query server/client). Am I
> right?
> If not, I would like to ask you to provide some information about which
> OODT components I need to distribute data products through international
> networks.
> I was not sure if this is the correct email list to send this kind of
> question. If not, sorry about that and it would be appreciate if you could
> forward it to the appropriate email address.
> Thanks in advance,
> Susana.

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